The Next Step After Creating A Blog


As said in an old adage that says “A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step’, the first step is an important one for the new bloggers. They can even read an awesome guide regarding blogging and learn some new tricks to build up their reader base. Readers can also use the website that talks about the importance of blogs to the world community. You can learn all about the schedules for the new bloggers to adopt right from the day one of starting their blogs right here. Read on to pick up interesting information for the novice bloggers.

The first step involves finishing the initial formalities like buying a domain, setting up hosting, and installing a blogging platform that is easy to use. Also, it is assumed the blogger has done their research and chosen a particular audience as well formed a niche for their blogging activity.

Here are the few important things that a blogger should consider in order to enjoy and appreciate the blogging world in the web.

· Technical Aspects
There are a few important technical elements that cannot be ignored by a new blogger. One has to burn a blog with FeedBurner. All the blogs on the web including the major ones like Copyblogger make their RSS feeds through Google supported Feed Burner, which is considered to be the standard one. Since it is backed by Google, it integrates with other software programs making it easier for you. Use the guide and accordingly follow the step. These steps are considered to be mandatory.
· Place Opt-In-Forms
This is an activity that gives people the option to subscribe to your blog. A blogger cannot build his or her list unless their blog has the right opt-in forms. This is considered to be an easy activity of copy and paste with a few lines of code. Use the guide and follow the given procedure.
· Make Your “About Page”
This is considered to be the most viewed page on your website as the visitors are always curious about the author of the blog. Try to make it as appealing as possible to motivate the readers to read your blog.
· Create Contact Page
After completing the About Page, it is time for you to make the ‘contact page’. Offer contact information as well as a contact form on this page to get the feedback from the visitors.
· Select Your Categories
As a new blogger, you need to create categories for your posts. Such categorization will ensure you to organise your blog both for your audience as well as for the search engines. These pages ensure to display your archived posts based on your selection of the category you choose.
· Choose Your Key Articles
After the selection of a category, you need to create your key articles for each category. In an actual sense, this particular page gets lots of traffic to your blog.
· Create Your Calendar
With this calendar, you can schedule your future posts so that your audience can make a note of it.

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