Selecting The Right Laptops For Students


With the growing demand of technological needs in academics, students of this era need laptops, especially in colleges. To know and understand their subjects, students of the present age have the option of browsing various websites to update their knowledge in the subjects they study in their academics. They have a lot of choices to choose the right laptops from different suppliers either from online or from the traditional brick wall stores. There are many good laptops for college students available in the computer stores. Students can also find the best laptop reviews in the website This article is mainly written for such students who can find some valuable tips while shopping for the much-needed laptops.

Choose the basic laptops
Students, who are seeking laptops for the purpose of studying their subjects through several online textbooks, not necessarily go for laptops that have higher configurations. With the advanced technologies small laptops in the form of Notebook have come in the market, and hence they can as well go in for such Notebooks that they can be easily carried along with the other books. Of course, they need to select the right Notebook or laptop that has all the basic features in it.

Operating System
Students who are seeking laptops should always go for the unit that works with the latest operating system. Undoubtedly, Windows 10 is known to be the latest and advanced operating system across the globe. Students who are passionate towards Apple products can buy the unit that works with the Mac OS X operating system. Considered to be a bit expensive this unique system has many features in it. It is suggested that students who are planning to buy the Apple brand need to check with the right experts whether this OS will be compatible with their academic needs.

Easy portability
Laptops are known for their easy portability and could be the best option for the college students. A screen size of 12 inches is sufficient for the students so that the weight of such laptops are lighter to carry. Screen with lesser screen sizes may look better, but when it comes to the usage of keyboards one may find it difficult to cope.


Selecting the right configuration seems to be the real key factor for the students who are seeking to buy laptops for their academic needs. The following factors need to be focused by every purchaser.
· Screen resolution: One need to have the necessary resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which is considered to be ideal for students. Budget laptop carries this original feature with it.
· Regarding the CPU, one should go for the laptop that has Intel Core i3 processor.
· When it comes to memory, one can have a minimum 8 GB RAM which is enough for all types of multitasking operations.
· About storage capacity, students can prefer the unit with 1 GB storage, which is enough for storing projects data and downloading e-textbooks.

In addition to the above specs, other things like Wi-Fi facility, longer battery life, USB ports are to be considered before making the final selection.