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Range Extenders

Have you ever had to deal with wi-fi dead zones in your workplace or at home? This can be seriously detrimental to productivity and can frustrate the users. Using a wi-fi range extender can give the much-needed boost to your network signals if you are grappling with this issue. Let us take the help of, an expert in this field, to understand more about this device.

Wi-fi extenders, otherwise known as wireless boosters, are gadgets that are used to strengthen weak signals. Tech experts from are of the opinion that they should ideally be placed somewhere with strong signal strength, midway between your router and the dead zone, for optimal results. If placed in a location where the signal is weak, it will only pick up the weak signal and rebroadcast it to low signal areas. An indicator that shows the signal strength in various locations can be used to overcome this problem. Make sure that your extender is kept in an open place with minimum obstruction apart from ensuring low interference from other household appliances like cordless phones, microwave ovens etc.

Getting the best range extender available in the market can almost double your coverage range. It is quite simple to set up your range extender. All you need to know is the SSID of your router (which can be found at the back or underside of the router) and your password/key to set up the connection. One of the easiest ways to set up an extender device is to pair it with your router using Wi-fi Protected Setup (WPS). When you switch on the WPS button on both the devices they will automatically get connected. All the relevant data will be send by the router to the extender to save you from having to send it again in the future. It is better to avoid using extender that can only be set up using CD/software or by configuring through a browser.

This useful gadget comes in a variety of designs ranging from desktop types to plug-in models. The desktop top design, despite being bulky offers several Ethernet ports to which we can connect many network-ready devices. Having lesser number of devices that connect wirelessly will greatly enhance the speed of your network. Some of these wireless extenders also come with audio streaming capability with the help of a port that can support speakers or headphones. Wall-mounted design is also considered a good choice as they don’t require any flat space to be placed.

Efficiency is a major concern regarding this otherwise effective and affordable device. There is a bandwidth loss to the tune of 50% happening due to receiving and broadcasting signal through the same channel. A dual-band extender can ensure that the bandwidth loss is minimum thereby optimizing the output.

Finally, you should consider the warranty the manufacturer is offering you before taking the decision to buy a wireless extender and ensure that it meets your requirements. Software and hardware malfunctions can create inconveniences that the manufacturer should be able to fix. Check if the product you are planning to purchase comes with a good warranty plan.

Now, armed with this information, you can take a plunge and give back life to your dead zones!

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