How To Send Fax From Gmail

Google has free Gmail fax service with thousands of people who use Gmail for either personal or business matters. Once you are satisfied with the free service, it can be upgraded to Gmail Fax Pro. Following best practices from will give a clear cut idea on the do’s and don’ts about faxing.

The fax services have frequently been updated by including new features like Google Drive which can be used for photo, calendar, storage and documents can be managed efficiently.
Until a few years back it wasn’t possible to send only emails from the computer. The email accounts also had restricted storage which led to unreliable incoming messages when your inbox gets filled up.Web mail service was introduced in 2004 which kept a full stop for all those storage problems.

In today’s world, you can get connected with the outside world through the resources available right at your fingertips. Though you can’t fax right from your inbox, you can make use of other services offered by Google. Google voice is the best communication solution, but the only drawback is that they don’t have the fax feature and you can’t expect them to implement the plans sometime soon.

The alternate route is to make use of third party solution to send a fax which is called email faxing. This can be synced with Google. These services will let you have a virtual fax number, and it digitally transforms the inward and outward faxes with the help of Gmail, and it will avoid the use of faxing machine which saves you money and time spent.

Gmail fax doesn’t need too much of installation time, and you need not purchase any additional hardware or do any complicated cabling. Once you see through the tutorial about Gmail fax, you can start sending the first fax in few minutes which makes easy transitioning.
There are few third party services like Ringcentral which gives the opportunity to create to free account giving you 30-day access to use their services. During the trial period, you can make use of the features, and it is the best way to educate yourself on how to do faxing and you will confident in paying for the plan as you have tried the service before hand.

The next option is by using websites, which will transmit restricted number of fax pages free of cost. This can be made possible from the website and not directly from the Gmail account. If you want to send more fax pages, then you have to pay for it and is pretty costly when compared to the monthly plan which can be obtained from the fax providers. On the other side, you can’t expect security qualities, so it is better to use it only for fax documents which are not confidential.

All those who wish to integrate Gmail account with faxing the best would be to use online fax services. As a beginner, you can try free trial account which will give complete access to the features.

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