How To Send Fax From Gmail

Google has free Gmail fax service with thousands of people who use Gmail for either personal or business matters. Once you are satisfied with the free service, it can be upgraded to Gmail Fax Pro. Following best practices from will give a clear cut idea on the do’s and don’ts about faxing.

The fax services have frequently been updated by including new features like Google Drive which can be used for photo, calendar, storage and documents can be managed efficiently.
Until a few years back it wasn’t possible to send only emails from the computer. The email accounts also had restricted storage which led to unreliable incoming messages when your inbox gets filled up.Web mail service was introduced in 2004 which kept a full stop for all those storage problems.

In today’s world, you can get connected with the outside world through the resources available right at your fingertips. Though you can’t fax right from your inbox, you can make use of other services offered by Google. Google voice is the best communication solution, but the only drawback is that they don’t have the fax feature and you can’t expect them to implement the plans sometime soon.

The alternate route is to make use of third party solution to send a fax which is called email faxing. This can be synced with Google. These services will let you have a virtual fax number, and it digitally transforms the inward and outward faxes with the help of Gmail, and it will avoid the use of faxing machine which saves you money and time spent.

Gmail fax doesn’t need too much of installation time, and you need not purchase any additional hardware or do any complicated cabling. Once you see through the tutorial about Gmail fax, you can start sending the first fax in few minutes which makes easy transitioning.
There are few third party services like Ringcentral which gives the opportunity to create to free account giving you 30-day access to use their services. During the trial period, you can make use of the features, and it is the best way to educate yourself on how to do faxing and you will confident in paying for the plan as you have tried the service before hand.

The next option is by using websites, which will transmit restricted number of fax pages free of cost. This can be made possible from the website and not directly from the Gmail account. If you want to send more fax pages, then you have to pay for it and is pretty costly when compared to the monthly plan which can be obtained from the fax providers. On the other side, you can’t expect security qualities, so it is better to use it only for fax documents which are not confidential.

All those who wish to integrate Gmail account with faxing the best would be to use online fax services. As a beginner, you can try free trial account which will give complete access to the features.

All You Need To Know About WordPress Shared Hosting

wp shared hosting

Similar to the hardware used in a computer, web-hosting companies also use physical resources. The ability of the hosting is based on the memory, hard disk space and the CPU processing power. There are web hosting services available at all price ranges and it is upto you to choose the right one. Comparatively best web hosting for wordpress is on the lead right now. There are also other hosting sites like

When you buy a website hosting package it means you are creating some space in the web hosting server. Servers are used to host website which can be reached from any place. It is like the space allotted in the hard drive but the only difference is that since the server is on web the files belonging to the website can be reached from anywhere.

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting is nothing but sharing the hardware and the server with numerous websites. Many people prefer shared hosting as it is cheap initially when you begin a site ad when you don’t have any revenue in hand. Many shared hosting will start at $3.5 per month and few are even lesser than that.

Many sites make use of shared hosting and if you approach bigger hosting companies then you are likely to have a good customer service. Further many companies offer user-friendly dashboards.

You may start your business and start the hosting service on a smaller scale and as your business grows you can migrate the traffic to a larger scale with the help of shared hosting service.

With shared hosting you can’t expect a full fledged revenue which generates more traffic but it is always a good starting point. When you invest too much on hosting then you may even end up in shutting down your site so it is always better to start from shared hosting.

In simple terms a month of individual hosting will be equivalent to 6 months of shared hosting platform. If you are sure you can generate more income then you can straight away skip the plans of shared hosting.

If you have started blogging for the first time then you can’t spend a whole lot of money in hosting plans as you would not have much idea on the traffic in such scenarios shared hosting helps. The only thing to have in mind is that as the traffic grows you should see to that the hardware is supported accordingly. Some examples of shared hosting are SiteGround, BlueHost, InMotion Hosting,Site5.
It is better to look for other features like price of domain registration, will the site be scanned for virus, any backup services, hardware, sites that come under one server. These will help you take a better decision.

There are few hosting plans available in which the price increases as the traffic to the site increases which is better as you don’t have a threshold limit for usage. Once you reach a level in revenue then you can upgrade yourself to better hosting plans and servers dedicated for you.

Golf Range Finders And Their Functionalities

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The golf rangefinders are a boon for many golfers. It is quite difficult to judge the distance by oversight. You cannot aim and strike the ball correctly without knowing the correct distance from your place to the hole. If you want to measure the accurate distance, you have to use the golf range finder. There are many golf range finders are available in the market. You can buy the best laser rangefinder golf after checking the review details. Planning to learn a golf course then you can read some interesting news regarding golf at The following guide will explain about the golf range finders and their functionalities.

Types Golf Range Finder

There are two major types of golf rangefinders available in the market that are most commonly used by all the golfers around the world. They are called as GPS rangefinders and laser rangefinders. Both the rangefinders use the same modern technology methods and hence they can provide you the accurate results.

Laser Range Finder

· The laser rangefinders uses a beam light to measure the distance from your end to the point. You have to aim the laser rangefinder to the aim place. The laser rangefinder will send low powered laser beams to the end place to measure the accurate distance. The distance is calculated by the time consumed to reach the destination place by the range finders. These laser beams are safe for your eyes and hence there is no need to worry about this matter

· These laser range finders can accurately measure the distance in slope areas as well as on to detect the slope areas in the device.

· Some kind of laser range finders cannot judge the obstacles between you and the target points and hence make sure to buy a laser range finder that can take all the aspects into consideration while measuring the distance.
· The main advantage of using a laser range finder is that it can adopt to any kind of situation. You can use them to measure the accurate distance from any point to point.
GPS Range Finders

· The GPS golf rangefinders are on the other hand used in almost all the modern technology method i.e. GPS tracking system and the satellite network. The GPS range finders are using the satellite signals to measure the accurate distance from the driving place to the points. The GPS range finders software can be downloaded from the secure mode and easily install on your smartphone as well.

· Nowadays, these devices are coming as watch models so that you can wear the device on your hand like a normal watch while playing golf. The GPS range finder can record your current location and the target points and then use the pre-designed programs in the device to guide you a good method to strike the ball to get the best results.

Hybrid GPS Rangefinders

There is another famous type of rangefinder which is called as the hybrid rangefinder. This rangefinder uses the technology of both GPS tracking system and the laser beam technology to get the ultimate benefit for the golfers.